Washington DC Pet Sitting Rates

Pet Sitting in Washington DC

Most people are more comfortable having their pets cared for in their own homes.  The pets are also happier being in familiar surroundings.  And usually, the cost is the same or even less than boarding the pet away from home.  Safer, too, with no risk of picking up kennel illnesses. We are happy to take care of your dogs and cats (and gerbils, birds, snakes, fish, turtles, etc.) in their home.  For your dogs we walk and feed them on a regular schedule they are familiar with – usually 3-4 times a day.  We can feed your cats, clean the litter boxes and give them attention (if they want it!).  We can either do this by coming in to perform these services, or by staying over.  Sometimes it ends up being more cost effective to have us stay over.  If staying over you can be sure it will be a mature responsible person you won’t mind having as a guest.  We can also water your plants and take in your mail, giving your home a lived in appearance while you are away.

Pet Sitting Rates:

Daily – $60 for one dog, $80 for two dogs – no additional charge for care of cats if we are already there for dog care. Includes plant watering and mail gathering. Additional pets – we’ll figure out a rate.

Cats – $15 per visit for feeding and litter box clean out.

Longer or overnight without all day walks – we will discuss a rate and come to agreement with you for stays other than a full day and stays of longer than three days.

Contact us to see how we can meet you needs to make life in the city with your pet easy and fun. Email at lucy@metrodoggies.com or call or text at 202 909 3689.