Washington DC Dog Walking Rates

We are available for:

  • Mid-day walks when you are at work
  • Early morning or late afternoon walks for flex-time workers
  • Evening walks when you have plans straight from work
  • Weekend walks if you have daytime plans

Dog Walking Services in Capitol Hill EastWalks are generally scheduled for half an hour, with a few minutes to get the dog ready to go and dropped of, so the actual walks are approximately 20-25 minutes. If you want longer walks, we will quote you a price.


We do not walk more than three dogs together, preferable only two at a time. If your dog does not get along with other dogs, let us know and we can arrange individual walks. Our safety and the safety of all our doggie clients is paramount.
If your dog likes it and plays well with others (and it is nearby) the walk can include a visit to the dog park. To use Washington DC dog parks your dog needs to have a city license.


Dog Walking Prices:

Daily walks – one dog: $18

Two dogs: $22

One time or occasional weekday walks: $20

Occasional evening walks: $22

Occasional weekend walks: $22


For daily or other regularly scheduled walks, we invoice on Fridays with payment on the following Monday (that way no one works up a bill that is too steep at any one time – if you prefer other arrangements, we will work it out).

We can also drive or walk your dog to the vet or the groomer.


Special needs will be addressed on an individual basis. If you need additional help or information, please contact us.


Contact us to see how we can meet you needs to make life in the city with your pet easy and fun. Email at lucy@metrodoggies.com or call or text at 202 909 3689.